Saturday, November 6, 2021

Severe Delays David Kirchner

Download the App now and enjoy the slow and squeaky Bakerloo line, explore all (!) the branches of the Northern line or finally drive the packed and sweaty Central line yourself!

Take the tube driver’s seat and beat the high score by picking up more passengers and performing spectacular tube stunts! But beware: Sometimes there are engineering works and if you're on the night shift you have to deal with drunken passengers as well!

DeckEleven's Railroads is an addictive railroad empire building game in full 3D.

You are in charge of building your own railroad empire, from track layout to cargo management. Choose your train configuration wisely, from steam-powered locomotives to modern diesel and electric engines. From India to USA, From Canada to France, your empire will grow worldwide .
The train is leaving the station now! Are you ready?

An unusual combination of genres “Snake”, “Three in a row” and “Puzzles”.

Help the brave train to collect the scattered wagons of different colours. Three wagons of the same colour in a row will remove all the wagons of that colour off the train. Dropping bonuses bring more fun to the game. Get coins for the collected wagons, complete various tasks, buy new locomotives.

Besides wagons and bonuses there are puzzle pieces appearing on the area. Collect them by the train and compose pictures. Get unique locomotives for the puzzles composed.

- Four playing areas of different sizes and configurations.
- Three difficulty modes, depending of the train’s speed, number of the wagons appearing on the area at the same time, battery capacity, obstacles.
- Three pictures-puzzle.
- Additional children mode without crashing and at a low speed. Even the youngest players can collect the scattered wagons with pleasure.
- Bonuses on the area make the gameplay more interesting.
- Numerous tasks completed will give you more coins.
- Three player ratings according to the difficulty modes in Play Games.
- Seven handsome locomotives with different characters and behavior.


Trade engines and fuel car parts with friends. Compete in daily events to unlock rare, special edition trains. Become a global railroad tycoon and build a transportation rail network connecting North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Oceania. Service OVER 130 cities each with a unique pool of available jobs.  


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