Friday, November 20, 2020

Cover art MM2 | Racing 2020 Mzii Ent

    ONE NATION, ONE ARMY, ONE WAR. The fate of future generations depends on this top military commando operation. Get a chance to rescue hostages, neutralize hostile attacks, diffuse bombs & mines, eliminate enemy gunners & snipers in this modern combat. Take down miscreants in front-line battlefield with powerful guns in this Delta IGI Task Force Commando Adventure Secret Mission Free Fire Army Mobile Shooting games.

    Equip yourself with state of the art military weapons and lead your army to glory in this Delta IGI Task Force Commando Adventure shooting games. Chase enemy boss & show them the way to hell in this action packed best Delta IGI Commando Adventure Secret Mission Shooting Games full of thrill.


    Drive top-class Nganya and become the top street racing champ. Race from Kiambu to Nairobi(Kenya); destination Eastlando. Launch your Matwana between chaos and control as you hit the loud muffler and roll into the underground Matatu Culture. More customization, more maps and more vehicles coming soon.

Game Play

    Then go and create your financial empire! Travel around the world: buy, sell and trade properties, specialties, weapons, armor and equipment! Get business done and work your way to the top! It's all about freedom.From raising cash to sending your crew to raid a rival gang, play your hand right, team up with friends, and rise up the ranks to the top of the leader board. Use your Henchman's skills and build a team of troops to rival your opponents.


    Start off as a lowly street punk and rise through the ranks to become the biggest mobster in your area! Run realistic missions, fight local mobsters, seize territory, and deal with the cops to gain more influence and take over your city. Turf Wars is the massively multiplayer online game where you claim and defend your favorite real-world places from other mobsters. Stake your claim on your neighborhood, your favorite bar or restaurant, your school or workplace the city is yours for the taking.



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