Tuesday, October 6, 2020

WhatEye 3 Softland Alfabet SRL


    Default long press to copy text on mobile screen not works sometimes there this app helps you to extract text/words from mobile screen by just sharing your screenshot with this app.You can use Diigo Browser to save web pages to your Diigo account and the bookmarks will sync across your devices so that you can access them anytime, anywhere later.
    Diigo Browser allows you to annotate web pages with highlights and sticky notes. The annotate button will pop up in the context menu after you select some text. Open the screenshot and share with this app.Drag the corners of crop view to select the text and also select language to OCR then save.
Please wait while the app performs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) operation to extract the text.Now you may copy to clipboard or share the extracted text.


  • Copy any text on the mobile screen to your clipboard.
  • Extract text from any image , just share the image with this app to extract words on picture.
  • Copy text from any application: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, News Republic...
  • Recent scans history.
  • Recognize text from image supports 92 languages.
  • Translate text to over 100+ languages
  • Extracts phone number, email, URL .
  • Upto 1000 scans free then need to purchase for more scans.

    Default long press to copy text on mobile screen not

Using Method

    A multi platform Clipboard Manager App that is designed to make users the ultimate organiser of copy, paste and keeping important notes which nevertheless simplifies the copy paste operations on smartphones .You can not copy multiple phrases together in any smartphone. You can only copy and keep one phrase at a time. It is also time consuming to type everything (Name, Email, address....etc) again and again when you need.


    Use Smart Multi Clipboard Manager which lets you copy any number of phrases, keeps them in stack so you can use any of them at anytime quickly. The Notes feature lets you write and save any detail so you can paste anytime later.Use this app on Smartphones, Tablets because this synchronises and keeps same content on all devices no matter where you copy and can be accessed as well from computer using the Web App.



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