Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Rooftop Run Mad Hook

After the zombie apocalypse, the underworld creatures gointo the world of the living: zombies and the living dead walk in crowds in the streets. The city is destroyed, and scattered groups of people are struggling to survive in shelters, trying not to go outside. And to avoid meeting with zombies, they need home delivery of food.
    The needs of the people are served by couriers, the last heroes who deliver groceries and other vital supplies. Traveling from point A to point B, couriers need to not only deliver products, but also hide from zombies, or fight with them. Couriers have an almost impossible task to deliver food to their home alone to surviving people in this unfriendly world. But you also need to fight not only with zombies, but also with people (couriers from a competing company). How long will you last in a world where no one can feel safe.


  • Game features
  • Zombie Apocalyptic Single Player Simulator
  • Attractive modern graphics
  • Sound creates an atmosphere of apocalypse
  • No internet connection required to play
  • Constant updates.

Game Play

    As a crew member of a suddenly and mysteriously capsized ship journeying through the notorious Bermuda Triangle, you find yourself being the sole survivor on a seemingly deserted island. Deserted but not always uninhabited. Solve the mystery of the lost paradise and claim your destiny. Get back to nature, learn and hone your REAL world survival skills, solve puzzles and live the adventure.


    Lost in Paradise is a third person point and click adventure reminiscent of the classics from 90s similar to modern escape games or hidden object games, but deeper) with spellbinding graphics, animation, and an art style all it's own. Explore over 25 stunning natural locations with brilliantly alive animations, sounds and weather effects.


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