Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Designer Tools Scheff's Blend

    Designer Tools provides a suite of features to review and validate app specifications. Whether it be checking your keylines or that shade of blue, you’ll definitely want to add this app to your toolkit. Even if you provide redlines, these are a great way to verify each and every pixel.Quickly toggle on-screen grids to check layouts for inconsistent spacing or mis-aligned elements. You can even customize the grid size and line colors.
    Mockup Overlay Display a mockup image over your app. This gives you a high-fidelity opportunity to see how the design spec matches the developed user interface. Choose from portrait or landscape overlays and tune the opacity for an effective comparison.


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  • Lock screen
  • Paste clipboard
  • Assistant.

Using Method

    We attach great importance to the protection of privacy, which is why UbikiTouch has been developed in such a way that it does not require Internet authorization. The application therefore does not send any data over the Internet without your knowledge. Please consult the privacy policy for further information.


    Possibility to define tasks for an unlimited number of applications limited to two in the free version Access to more actions, the ability to launch an application or a shortcut Access to remote cursor Possibility to completely customize the menu: animation, size, color.urrently fully translated into English, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese. An incomplete and perfectible translation is available in German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese. 


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