Saturday, May 9, 2020

Guntoss – Side Scroller Cyborg Arm Games Wevedo Games

    Whether you are a newbie in shooting games or want to play a cyborg shooting game like a pro, this amazing app is one of the best platformed games for you. Do not shy away from practicing your skills and then showing them off in front of your friends by arranging a thrilling shooting saga at your place with this game. Play it now.Leave no enemy in sight! Play strategically and kill enemies before moving forward. 
    Dodge the enemy bullets and shoot each and every alien to clear the way and keep moving on. Shoot to kill all the alien enemies and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.This amazing gun shooting game is designed to offer you an eerie and breathtaking gaming fun. All you need to do is practice your shooting skills, dodge bullets and kill the aliens to clear way. Boost your score and unlock power ups like extra lives and a partner shooter to accelerate the shooting fun.

Game Play

    Here is your chance to protect the world from deadly aliens by playing one of the most adventurous action game. You will never guess what is coming next for you and you must remain on all fours to kill the enemies carefully. Kill multiple enemies at a time and drop the bombs for more killing in this game.


    Pick a level and tap on the start game option Use the arrow keys to control the movement of your avatar Explore the different gun shooting directions from the right of game screen Kill all enemies by either shooting them or bombing them Unlock new power ups for exciting game play.Would you like to experience the thrill of shooting aliens and saving the world from an impending.


    In the year 2025, Prof.Crazy Hims suddenly comes out with his evil robots and begins to drag the entire Earth into a chaos that will last forever, and he has a lot of fun doing it.When chaos is spread all over the world and people have lost their lights of hope, Gun toss Team appears and becomes a light of hope for people.Prof Crazy occupied a very important underground city and had established a large base in this underground city. Gun toss Team had a plan to destroy this base and free the underground city. This challenging task fell on Cyborg Arm, who knew the underground city very well.


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