Wednesday, March 18, 2020

WiFi AR - most useful tool ever Wi-Fi Solutions

    Open source network observation, positioning, and display client from the world's largest query able database of wireless networks. Can be used for site-survey, security analysis, and competition with your friends. Collect networks for personal research or upload to WiFi has been collecting and mapping network data since 2001, and currently has over 350m networks. is not a WiFi list of networks you can use.
    Many has heard about such things, as the session hijacking, WiFi kill, steal cookies, or a spoofing of network traffic. It can be a long talk about what can do the dirty dog with necessary tools in open networks... This application is designed for anyone who is serious about the security of personal data and does not intend to tolerate such antics in open WiFi networks.


  • Protection from any network attacks, beginning with the soundproofing poisoning.
  • Three Program modes (warning, invulnerability, recovery.
  • Auto Off WiFi when it detects an attack in non-root mode carried out on you set out in settings.
  • Notification about attack vibration, sound, a notice containing information on the attack.
  • When superuser mode is available to you, making your device immune to such attacks using a static gateway address. There is no need of such like warning in this mode.

Using Method

    If you want to test the network speed between two devices you need to have a second phone or computer to use it as server.This app transforms your Android device into a virtual beacon advertiser and transmitter. You can create your own collection of beacon configurations and use them anytime, anywhere, to emulate a physical beacon.Its purpose is essentially to help developers working on beacon software with more flexibility than with some real beacons.research project from the cloud to calculate, and sends the results back to the research team. The more people who power, the faster we can complete critical research. All you need to do is set up once and it will get to work each time you plug your phone in.


    Multi-award winning app that uses the collective power of smartphones to fast track cancer research. With cancer being one of the biggest causes of premature death worldwide, finding answers through medical research is incredibly important.exists to help us get there sooner. And the more people who use the app, the faster it works.Researchers need supercomputers to scan DNA in immense detail and crunch complex data. When you plug your phone in and power, it downloads tiny parts of a huge.


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