Wednesday, March 18, 2020

One Shade: Custom Notifications and Quick Settings Treydev Inc

    One Shade is designed to replace your phone's notification drop-down menu with a modern, fully customizable version. In addition to a new personalized experience, it also brings extra utilities that can make your life easier. You are walked through every step to setup the app and get it running in no time, so you can change your quick settings area and be in full control. You don't need a custom ROM or root to adjust these settings anymore.
    Dynamic Notifications allows you to receive all of your notifications even when your screen is off. When you receive a new email/text message, the display will discreetly light up to let you know. You don’t need to unlock the device. If you want to, the app even shows you a short preview of the message or information about the caller. This is so much better than just a pulsing notification LED, because it tells you immediately everything you want to know about the notification. With Dynamic Notifications, you are always up to date.


  • Notifications don't light up when your phone is in your pocket, purse, or face down to avoid accidental unlocks.
  • Select which app-notifications you'd like to receive via Dynamic Notifications.
  • Change the appearance of the app custom foreground/background color image, show the date near the clock, change the main notification border style, and more.
  • Custom timeout Select for how long Dynamic Notifications should be shown
  • Breathing notifications": Let not yet dismissed notifications reappear after custom intervals,
  • Night mode": Don't show notifications at night.
  • Hide additional details": Hide additional notification details SMS text, sender.

Using Method

    Unfortunately Android doesn't have default integrated functionality to notify user periodically about missing calls messages other notifications via sound only LED is blinking. This opensource tool allows to monitor notifications from any applications which are important for You including missed calls, messengers, SMS, etc and perform sound reminder periodically.Just launch app, allow it to receive notification events, select reminder interval.


    The battery is used only if there are missed notifications which requires periodical reminder. App wakes phone to perform sound notification and then sleep again. and important applications. That's it. If there are any unhanded notifications from they selected apps in the status bar, app will notify You periodically with the notification sound you choose.

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