Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Image to PDF Converter DLM Infosoft

Steps to use:

1. Select image/images from gallery with + icon.
2. Deselect unwanted images by long pressing on it.
3. Convert to Pdf.
4. View list of all created PDF.
5. Open the PDF with any PDF viewer/editor.
6. Share or delete the pdf by long pressing the file in the list.

 Image to PDF Converter app convert JPG to PDF easy app for converting images to PDF document. it creates PDF file from any image and multiple images can be selected . PDF is a free PDF converter app that converts easily all images to PDF in a simple tap to merge jpg to PDF. It converts PDF files to jpg or jpeg photos. Click an image from camera or choose one from gallery and convert it. some of feature of this image to pdf converter app are given below.

Create new pdf file.
This application will help you to create new pdf file. create pdf from images through this application you can convert images to pdf converter and works as a image to pdf converter android app. you can also convert text to pdf and use this app as text to pdf converter.

Image to pdf convertor
this image to pdf converter have special option for image converter. like image converter password protection on pdf file edit image to pdf filter images to pdf and you can set image and page size for pdf conversion you can preview pdf image file you can rearrange images of pdf file. you can set password protection on pdf converter .

Modify existing pdfs options
let suppose you have more than one pdf file and want to merge so through this pdf converter app you can easily merge pdf files. same like merging also it has split option through split option you can split them. one pdf file can split into many pdf files. you can also compress pdf file. it has an option to compress their size of pdf.

More options
you can remove pages from pdf reorder them and extract images from pdf and pdf to images converter and viewer. through remove option you can remove other pages from pdf. and the last option is from pdf to images. let suppose you have images inside pdf file and want to convert pdf to images so easily through this application you can convert pdf to images.

View PDF file.
Through this application you can view pdfs file and also check history of pdf conversion file.

pdf password proetection
you can set password on pdf file. you cam create new password on them. you can also remove password from pdf. and also rotate view.