Thursday, December 5, 2019

Whats Tools: Status Saver, Chat, trick & 10+ tools Skyline Infosys

    Did you see an interesting status video or photo posted by a friend on Whats App that you wanted to share Download Whats App status videos using this status saver and share it as your own status.With this status down loader for Whats App status, you can now browse, download and save statuses forever. Once saved, these statuses are not lost after 24 hours and you can view these Whats App statuses anytime you like.Sharing Whats App statuses that your friends post is now easier. Open Status Pro, click download on any status, and save it. You you can share it with friends by simply pressing the Share Whats App status button.
    This application is not associated with Whats App Inc. or any of its products and is developed by a third-party for personal use. This application does not host any content and displays only the files stored on your phone.Save all Video & Image Status. Now it's really easy to download any whats apps image and video status.


    This Feature gives you the semi-transparent screen so that you can see the road while walking and chatting to avoid an accident.With this feature, you can send a message to any unsaved number on whats can or you can find weather number is present on Whats App or not.This feature enables you to send as faces to your friends it will work with those mobiles who doesn't have whats can emojis.Text repeater allows you to write any sentence or word and repeat it how many times you want in just one click and you can send it to Whats App face book directly.


    Whats can face book status with categories like sad status, cool status, attitude status etc.his feature allows you to write any message name into your In just one click you can copy and share on social media.With this feature, you can save your friends status on Whats App and report it.This feature enables you to open whats app with shaking the phone. Speak open Whats App command to open Whats App instantly.Speak and open Whats App.

Using Method 

    The multiple selection will be enabled once you long press any video/image. You can save status, delete status or cancel selection. When your contacts in Whats App Update their status, it will be easily visible through our app. Those who finds that Whats App Messenger does not allow you to directly download the status, our app will be very useful to you.