Thursday, December 5, 2019

Designer Tools Scheff's Blend

    Designer Tools provides a suite of features to review and validate app specifications. Whether it be checking your key lines or that shade of blue, you’ll definitely want to add this app to your toolkit. Even if you provide red lines, these are a great way to verify each and every pixel Grid Overlay Quickly toggle on-screen grids to check layouts for inconsistent spacing or misaligned elements. You can even customize the grid size and line colors.
    Mockup Overlay Display a mockup image over your app. This gives you a high-fidelity opportunity to see how the design spec matches the developed user interface. Choose from portrait or landscape overlays and tune the opacity for an effective comparison.Most of UI problem today is hard to convert UI design concept into native source code. So we try to explore and research android material design UI as similar as its guidelines design. We bring Material design to the next level.


    We couldn't find any decent wire framing tools on Android, so we made one! Wire Flow is a lightweight tool for designing wire frames on Android. With a Material inspired interface and blazing fast touch controls, Wire Flow allows you to create linear screen flows in seconds and share them with a single tap. We've included a curated selection of minimalist shapes and icons ideal for quick, professional mockups. Just select your shape, long press anywhere on the design grid, and position your content. It's that simple.

Using Method

    Essential UI Kit for Xamarin.Forms is a collection of reusable screens for Xamarin.Forms development. You can build mobile apps easier and quicker by focusing on the business logic and letting the Essential UI Kit take care of the UI part. This app helps developers explore all the screens in the Essential UI Kit.Studio for Xamarin is a comprehensive collection of components for the Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Forms application development platforms. It includes a rich selection of components including charts, grids, list view, gauges, maps, scheduler, pdf viewer and much more.


    Best of all, Wire Flow is completely free and still under active development  we're looking for your feedback! Submit your ideas through the in-app feedback button or visit christ, and shape the course of the tool's development. Wire Flow is created by designers, for designers - by providing feedback you can help to ensure that Wire Flow is a useful tool in every designer's toolbox.