Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Splitvid - Split Video Camera Niltava Labs

    The first split video app for Android devices. Split video and camera allows you to create more than one clips and images on the same scene. Clone yourself on a video or picture, create illusion videos and images, create funny moments and many more. Split video and camera is straight forward, very simple and easy to use. Explore your creativity, capture your moment and share it with your friends.
    Have you ever been bored that there is only one of you? Clone Yourself Camera - Split Pic makes it easy and fun to multiply yourself in photographs, share with friends and have a laugh. Simply, the app will take images of you in different positions and combine them into one, crazy photograph. Clone Yourself Camera - Split Pic makes hours of editing work into minutes of fun - it has never been this easy to clone yourself! You can also create professional looking levitation photos in a snap.


  • 10 seconds free recording get unlimited recording and no ads through the in-app purchase
  • 1 frame (get more frames through the in-app purchase
  • 6 free frames (get more frames through the in-app purchase
  • Self Timer (5s,10s)
  • Basic Filters
  • Get the no ads version through the in-app purchase.

App using Method 

    To get started, easily take multiple images of yourself - then, highlight yourself in each one. Clone Yourself Camera - Split Pic will work its magic and combine multiple people into a single image - suddenly there are clones of you! Have your own twin, triplet or quadruplet and have all of your friends asking to ‘clone me!’. It is fun, crazy and hilarious! Make funny poses or simply interact with your clones. Add drama effect to your shots in less than a minute.

Split the videos 

    Clone Yourself Camera - Split Pic is the first and only cloning tool available on the Google Play store get it whilst it’s hot! Save the photo to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Clone Yourself Camera - Split Pic is the best way to get a clone photo within minutes without spending hours image editing. This intuitive application can provide hours of endless fun and is definitely a conversation starter.


    Want to really impress your Instagram followers? Use Split Lens to produce interesting photos like Cloning Yourself, Swaps all the faces in your photos, Make you float in the Air, Finger Fire, Face Bomb,Swapping Your Body Parts, make Your Own Ghost or Capture a series of photos to tell a story Split Lens enables you to produce easy and perfect incredible photo on your iPhone. The quality of the results of Split Lens overwhelm other app’s outcome.