Saturday, October 19, 2019

Unnotification Nasah Apps

    Ever accidentally swiped away a notification and didn't have time to read what it said? Now you can bring it back with Unnotification! Whenever you swipe away a notification, a new one will pop up asking if you want to bring back the notification you may have accidentally swiped away and act on it accordingly. You can also choose certain apps to ignore undoing notifications for.
    Notification Maste, the coolest free notification management tool in 2019. It not only helps you manage notifications and saves all historical notifications, but also provides you with personalized notifications such as notification skins and landscape notifications.


    Storage of past notification preventing missing any possible important notifications.There are a number of app notifications that you really don't care but might be important. You can set them to "Do Not Disturb" mode and look through in the historical notifications later. You can also clear historical notifications with one click if needed. Notifications in landscape mode – preventing disturbance during games and videos; bringing more fun with the barrage function, to save time and improve your study and working efficiency.

Some notes

  •  Not every toggle will work on every device
  • Some settings aren't changeable by user apps, so it will bring you directly to the Android settings.
  • Exclude from task-killers!
  • Some toggles require root access
  • The app can not remove the build-in toggle notification on Samsung phones
  • Please read the FAQ in the app before posting a review.
This sidebar app gives you the ability to use your phone with one hand by gestures. You'll be able to switch between recent apps, favorite apps, shortcuts or quick settings from any screen.

handle your phone:

Recent apps switcher: Arrange your recent apps in a floating circle sidebar. Switch between them by one swipe from the trigger zone on edge screen.Quick Actions: Swipe in deeper with a right direction from the edge panel to pull down notification, switch to the last app, back or open Grid Favorites section.Grid Favorites: a side panel where you can place your favorite apps, folders, shortcuts, quick settings to access from any screen. Favorites: like the Recent Apps section but for your favorite shortcuts


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