Sunday, October 6, 2019

Axis Home Launcher Axis Agency

Axis Home is a new home launcher replacement. It replaces your home screen with a new look that you will be happy to see every day. You will feel that you in control of how your home looks. To learn more about Axis Home,

• Easy and new customization: In Axis Home, we introduce something totally new called foreground image, you can change it with any transparent "PNG image format" in your library or from the web. Change the background wallpaper and the background text to match your new foreground image and create a home nobody has seen before.

• Smart battery widget: Because we know that battery is important for everyone, we made a new battery widget that shows complex functions in a stylish and simple way. Axis Home learns about your phone usage then it shows you how much time left based on your phone usage. Not only it shows you the time left for your use of the phone, it also shows you when will your phone finish charging based on your usage too.

• Phone temperature display: Phone temperature is Important in many ways. Battery drops very fast when your phone becomes hot. Some functions might become disabled "Camera for example" and you need to wait for your phone to cool down so you can use them again. The phone might turn off and you won't get any new messages or calls...etc. A lot of reasons that made us display the phone temperature for you so you can keep an eye on how much you use your phone.

• Missed calls display: You can skip anything but a phone call is an urgent matter. It might be something that you don't want to miss or something happened that you have to know about it. That's why we kept it in your home to see it every time you open your phone. 

• Calendar events display: Things you need to do in the morning or stuff you need to buy after work. Your events are important and we know that that's why we added it to our home so you can access it at a glance fast and easy.

• Easy and fast access: Applications are great but looking for them could be a waste of time and ideas. You can access your most used apps without even looking for them. And if there is an app you need to find, Axis Home has a new search feature. All you have to do is to write any letters this app has and the search will get it for you.

• Smart Groups: organizing apps is great for easy access. that's why we created Groups, you don't need to create folders anymore. Groups are there waiting for you to use them. You can use only one or all of them, Groups knows how many groups you used and it will only show them to you.

• Multi view: Because Groups are there for organizing your favorite and your most used applications. less used applications are still there in another tab when you need them. This keeps the Group view clean so you can get the application you need in no time.

• Smart and new settings menu: We always like to make new ideas but easy for our users to use them, we created a totally new settings menu that you can access by touching and holding the menu button. It's new and different and it has all the settings you want and it will make you feel in control of everything Axis Home has to offer.


Application design and development features:

• Easy to use with beautiful and new interface.
• Low memory usage.
• very small application size.
• Fast and smart user interactions.


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