Saturday, August 31, 2019

Super Power FX - Be a Superhero! Kujo Inc.

    Shoot fireballs from your hands, lasers from your eyes, or control the elements, teleport, and more!


  •  1 FREE Special Power (includes 2 angles)
  •  Many More Special Powers for In-App Purchase
  •  Comic Book-Inspired Visual Effects
  •  Explosive Sound Effects
  •  Epic Music Tracks
  •  HD Video Resolution
  •  Shareable via Instagram, Facebook,

    List of Powers:

    1. Cosmic Drill
    2. Superspeed
    3. Vanish
    4. Quantum Burst
    5. Shriek
    6. Tornado
    7. Laser Cannon
    8. Fireball
    9. Power Landing
    10. Lightning Strike
    11. Versus
    12. Optic Blast
    13. Avalanche
    14. Shockwave
    15. Power Up
    16. Spirit Missiles
    17. Teleport
    18. Arctic Rush
    19. Psionic Blades
    20. Telekinesis
    21. Summons

     Oh, those awesome superheroes... You've seen them on TV, in comic books, in theaters...but what if you could become one? You can do that virtually now thanks to the ✮ Super Power FX - Hero Photo Edit ✮! This is a stunning “action photo editor app” that uses a collection of cool “comic book stickers” to enhance your photos and make you look like you are the main character in a blockbuster superhero movie! You will never see another “super power fx app” as amazing as this one. The “fx picture editor” we offer will raise photo editing to a whole new level! Be the hero you always dreamed of being with our “free photo editing software”! You are one click away from owning the “best photo editing app” application! The ✮ Super Power FX - Hero Photo Edit ✮ is the magic formula you need to turn into a powerful force!

    What you will be able to do using the ✮ Super Power FX - Hero Photo Edit:

    •  Design your personal comic book photos using the “super power fx app” effects from this software, including fireballs, water blasts, lightning bolts and others!
    •  Attach “superhero stickers” that look like cool sound effects with exclamations like POW! WACK! SMACK! SMASH! and many more!
    •  Effortlessly navigate through the simple and user-friendly interface of the app!
    •  Add a “superhero photo editor” effect to the images from your photo gallery, or just edit a freshly taken selfie!
    •  Personalize and modify the pics as much as you like and with tons of filters and “special effects in movies”!
    •  Choose the power you want to wield, just like in a video game!
    •  Pick out your favorite photo montages and upload them on social media to impress everybody!
    •  We really appreciate all the feedback you generously leave us, so keep the ratings and the comments coming!

       We would all love nothing more than to look as extraordinary as our favorite heroes on screen. The new “movie maker with special effects” makes that possible! And why stop at a single photo when you can do so much more with the ✮ Super Power FX - Hero Photo Edit ✮? Make up your custom, original story, gather your friends, and make a comic book all by yourselves! The only limit is your imagination. You can be a group of young students who accidentally got inexplicable powers, and are now searching for answers. You can pretend you are aliens who came to Earth in order to save humans from total annihilation. Or you may even be the villaan. It's fun to be on the dark side every once in a while!

         Breathe new life into your images with a fun “visual effects video maker” that is unlike any other you've seen so far! Just taking regular photos can be interesting, but it often becomes repetitive and dull after some time. Now you can make it interesting again with “photo filters and effects” just like the ones you see in films! All the pics you take will have a unique twist on them. You will never be bored with your images again!

         Don't just watch your favorite superheroes – become one of them with the ✮ Super Power FX - Hero Photo Edit ✮! It is absolutely the greatest “hero photo editor” on the entire internet. Download it for free, and behold the mystical powers you will magically acquire as soon as you start using it! You are but a click away from immense mightiness


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