Friday, August 16, 2019

Ceri Launcher (Early Access) jckpn

      This app is currently in early access! This means that, while it is fully functional as an Android launcher, there may be some features missing and the occasional hiccup in performance.

Works best on Android 8.0 or higher.

Main features:
•  Fast: Ceri Launcher cuts the clutter, and puts everything right where you need it in a way that makes sense
•  Beautiful: A suite of optional visual effects, scrolling animations and icon customizations make it easy to beautify your homescreen
•  Active development: Hyper-regular updates with improvements and tweaks

Follow development, suggest features or ask questions over at

All free features as of v1.7.0:
• Grid or honeycomb icon layout
• Choose to show all of your apps or just your favorites
• Super quick search with support for web searches
• Full wallpaper support, including live wallpapers
• Icon pack support
• Super smooth scrolling animations with Ceri Launcher's custom scrolling engine
• Beautiful clock widgets baked into the UI to use minimal resources
• Easily apply vignette/dim to your wallpaper within the launcher for a slick look
• No ads, ever
• No personal information is ever sent anywhere by Ceri Launcher -- the app doesn't even require internet access!

If you support my development with a $2 upgrade you will get the following additional features:
• Choose 2 or 4 columns instead of 3 in your layout
• True dark mode for OLED displays
• Extra scrolling animations
• Notification dots
• Custom side gestures
• And lots more to come!

... but the core functionality of Ceri Launcher will always be free and without ads.


What doesn't quite work yet:
• Widgets not yet supported
• Notification dots are currently experimental and do not clear unless the app is opened directly through Ceri Launcher
• Missing apps on certain devices (YMMV)
• Ceri Launcher occasionally draws over itself, resulting in your wallpaper being hidden (YMMV, so far I've only noticed this on Google Pixel devices)
• High resource consumption on some devices
• Scrolling appears to lag on certain devices (mostly OnePlus) due to a current issue with the Flutter SDK (see


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